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Verify customer contact details on your website, use our API or upload your data for verification.

Introducing Telify

Simplest way to capture correct contact info

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72 %

Invalid contact details on the first attempt

81 %

With Telify - Customers enter valid phone numbers within two attempts.

89 %

With Telify - Customers enter valid phone numbers within three attempts.

Live Demo Form

Example Form

This demo form will not submit your details.

You can 07940202302 as a valid phone number.

This Example Form has been configured for UK Phone Numbers only.
Telify can be configured for one or more of USA, Canada, Australia and most EU countries.

The example form has been configured to force the user to enter a valid UK phone number

  • This is the most popular option that our clients use.
  • You can configure Telify to just notify the form user instead of forcing them.
  • You can also configure alert boxes that match the style of your website.

Developer API

Developer API

Our Restful API works with all programming languages. But we've added a few code libraries to help speed up your integration. You can add our WordPress plug-in without any programming knowledge and our Cut & Paste code is just one line.

PHP Library, JavaScript Customisation, C# for Windows Apps, Swift & Android for Mobile Apps, works with Instapage, WordPress and most other websites.



No Credit Card Required
  • One Line JavaScript
  • 1000 Checks per month per domain
  • Manage 1 Domain 
  • US Phone Numbers Only


For Small Businesses  
  • One Line JavaScript
  • 25,000 Checks per month per domain
  • Manage 3 Domains
  • Check US and UK Phone Numbers
  • Advanced Stats


Agencies and Businesses
  • One Line JavaScript
  • 50,000 Checks per month per domain
  • Manage 20 Domains
  • Check USA, UK, Canadian and Australian Phone Numbers
  • Advanced Stats
  • Email Address Verification


999From $/monthly

  • One Line JavaScript
  • Unlimited checks per month per domain
  • Manage Unlimited Domains
  • Check USA, UK, Canadian and Australian Phone Numbers
  • Advanced Stats
  • Email Address Verification
  • Access to Direct APIs
  • Offline Checking 
  • Additional levels of verification


Meet The Team



John Davy


Dileep Kaluaratchie

Software Engineer/Co-Founder


Reduce the number of incorrect phone numbers gathered by your website. 

Checking phone number formats is a good start. But Telify uses up-to-date infomation to check if numbers are in active phone number ranges along with clever machine learning tools to correct common mistypings etc. We can't give away all our secrets on our homepage!!